Saturday, 5 May 2012

Interior Work Begins

Next phase, Interior, a blank canvas. Wall Panels, Carpet, Cabinets (Mini Bar?), Headliner, Curtians, Stereo, Speakers, Aircon System, Insulation. Lighting, Bed/Cushions, Seats recoverd .
Interior progress! Rear cabs w/center piece for Table/Bed conversion. Stereo, Sub woofer power amp, (4) 3 way Speakers installed and (2) 10" Bass/Sub woofer Speakers installed, Insulation behind panels in the wall. Some wood panels will be stained with walnut color w/Polyurethane finish, others with brown carpet.
Rear Baffel boards Stained and Polyurethained, ready to mount back in van and......ROCK OUT! Carpet and Headliner work start on Monday. Right now like ridin in an empty metal barrel! 
Bought this shoe cabinet (Kit form), do some mods on it. Countertop with raised edge around it, stronger plywood back that can be secured to the van. Removable when seats or cargo space is required.The color even matches my stain!
Instant Mini Bar!!!
Finished the center panel that converts 2 cabs to a bed. Also doubles as a dining table outside the van. Tomarow van goes for final interior work for a couple of days and then.....Road Trip!
Last minute change on the headliner! Tiger skin! My Granson inspecting the workmanship.
Van's interior almost finished! Seats are being recoverd and modified a bit and should be ready by tomarow.
Basicly finished now, 3 seats with seat belts to be installed. Then all the small details - Curtains, Lighting and touchup.

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  1. This becomes the interesting part. I converted a Toyota van yonks ago and was great fun for many years.