Sunday, 3 June 2012

Van complete and on the road!

It took about 2 months in all to do all the Body work, Painting and Interior work. Happy with the results. Many small details to do but they will happen when they happen. Only major job left is a complete new Aircon system, front & rear blowers. As it is a very large expense it will also be done when it can be done or not at all. No Aircon, still can jalan jalan. Please have a look at the restorantion of this old workhorse of 27 years and remember the begining starts at the bottom of the Blog.
Here's a condensed video of the rebuild over the last 3 months:
 I have started a new page to document our travels with our reborn "Dragon Wagon".
All this said and done, I have purchased a new "Foton View" 14 passenger Van. Click upper left of this page for more info.

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  1. hi mark,
    nordin here from melaka. how's the progress of ur camper? im planning to visit ur campervan site maybe early next year. it's still there, rite?