Camper Van Melaka Adventures

The Camper Van is pretty much finished and my Granson Andre is down for school holidays so we're off to a couple of lakes nearby early tomarow morning. Andre made up a checklist today and ready to go!
 Monday June 4, 2012
Our first trip with the "Dragon Wagon"!
Fished 2 lakes in one long day! HOT! Jus Dam and Durian Tunggal in Melaka. Andre & I did'nt catch anything but did alot of research on the 2 lakes, found some great future camping spots and talked with the locals on what bait to use. Goin out tomarow morn again this time with the right bait I hope. Chicken Liver! Big Snakeheads n them thar lakes! Saw em floppin all over. Somethin wrong with the camera.......makes me look FAT!
Here's a Video from the trip!
Here's the 2 Lakes closest to Melaka for my fresh water fishin. About 40 mins & an hour's drive away from me. Very large, no power boats as they are water catchment areas. Row boat or electric trolling motor might do the trick. I have found more than 8 Lakes within 2 hours from me thanks to google earth. Plan to hit at least one a week. Of course the sea is just 50 yards from my place but I still prefer Rivers & Lakes for fishin and just chillin out. It's a jungle out here!
My list of campsites can be found at:


  1. Hi Mark,
    All I can say is Wow! A dragon wagon.Now that you don't see much or not at all on Malaysian road. Congrats on the camper van and I hope you do have a blast travelling and fishing.

    I'll try to drop down to your cafe once in Melaka :)

  2. can I get some camper van with toilet n shower

  3. can I get some camper van with toilet n shower call me 019-8802938