Friday, 3 January 2014

My Vans over the years

!982 VW Transporter. Mine was red color.

Bought this Customized Ford Van new in 1989 in Ft Wayne Indiana. Drove it back to Maryland and used it for about 2 months. At the time I was planning to move back to U.S. Also bought a 2nd hand Caravan (Slept 6) to pull behind it. Plans changed, my Brother took over the Van and my Sister took the Caravan up to Maine to become a seaside play house for her Daughter! 

As you can see, the Foton is much larger than the Toyota. Much higher Ground clearance as well.
Stand up headroom and better driver visibility. 


  1. Hi..Sam here from Johor. Wow it so good to know there are still people with same or similar idea/pasttime as with me.. I just converted a 8ton Isuzu into a motorhome under the legal usage as Bas Promosi. Got it done by myself thru out the process. Maybe we can set aside some date for a sort of get together of all motorhome/caravan/RV or you can be the focal point for people with the same interest. I knew there are some in KL.

    1. Have sent you an email, People don't know what their missing with all this great countryside around Malaysia! Hope to see you at the Tourist Expo in Melaka Aug 23 (Sat) Datarn MBMB nest to Melaka Zoo Ayer Keroh.
      Sent you Email about it.

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