Saturday, 3 March 2012

Floor Plan

My first van (1973?), was a Dodge Tradesman 200 panel van from my dad's company in Baltimore Maryland. Don't remember the year of it but it had been well used. Just put panelling, a bed & carpet and drove all around the U.S in it. Lived in it in Tucson Arizona for a couple months! (I was young then). My Ford Transit in Belgium was 3 seats across and a bed which turned into 2 bench seats in the rear with the centre removed. I pulled a small caravan/camper trailer behind it as well. Cold weather would happen and we could cook, eat and clean up and use a toilet/shower in that.
For me, I think cooking, washing up, showers and toilet needs to be done outside a van. Here in Malaysia the weather is always warm so a nice canopy out from the van and some folding chairs / tables / BBQ and portable gas stoves are the way to go. Carry most things in modular boxes. I also have to carry band gear sometimes so wide open space is also necessary. Not going to be living so much in it. Mostly for day trips and a rare camp out on my own. On a long trip, Hotels are still a very nice option now and then, especially for the ladies! It's still just a van and not a motor home. That's gonna be another project! :)
Here's my plan for this van, Passenger and Camper mode. Also can remove all but the rear bench seats and have a large area to carry band gear. Plan revised March 26, 2012

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