Sunday, 4 March 2012

My Hiace Van New in 1985

My new Toyota Hiace Van back in 1985. Did it up and took it straight out for a trip all around Malaysia for 10 days. Pahang, Trengannu, Perak, Kedah, Perlis, Penang and back to Kuala Lumpur. My 2 kids there are now 28 & 30 years old, one married with 2 children (grand kids!) Wow! I was alot slimmer/younger then too! Used it for many fishing trips & picnic/outings around Malaysia.
This van must have around 250,000 K's on it now. Engine, steering, brakes, radiator, suspension have all be rebuilt. Now to do: bodywork, cabinets, console box, Benches/bed, seats, paint, carpet, curtians, complete new front and rear aircon system, sound system, 220 volt hookups, roof rack/ladder with fiberglass box. Maybe a watertank w/electric pump underneith (for outside use/showers). I had it undercoated when I bought it and may have saved alot of rust problems.


  1. You mean your Toyota Hi-ace Van is still working until now? So, your van is already 27 year old with you? Wow! It’s astonishing that you were able to keep it good for very long time. The memories you had with your RV is definitely worth keeping. I think it would be a great idea to restore it, and give it a new look after so many years.

    1. Already restored (in yellow)and back on the road! Check out the rest of the site!.

  2. Impressive mileage for an old Toyota model! I'm guessing that you do love that van so much. How long has it been in your family’s service? Having a family van like that will surely bring you a lot of memories. I do hope you'll always see to it that its engine and transmission are both in good condition.