Saturday, 3 March 2012


My Journey begins!
Actually it started when I was born I guess! I'm an american living in Malaysia more then 35 years, lastly own a Restaurant in Melaka called My Rock & Roll Blues Cafe. Have spent the last 15 years running it.
Well it's time for a little more fun and a break now and then! In 1985, 27 years ago, I bought a new Toyota Hiace Van for RM21,000. first of the locally assembled Hiace's in Malaysia.Took a chance and I'm still drivin it today! Ran my kids & friends around Malaysia in it for years. Moved to Belgium, sold it to a friend who ran fishin trips to Kenyir lake, then he sold it to another friend.
I moved back to Malaysia and brought back a Ford Transit Van, used it around europe camping for 2 years, left hand drive at that!
Well, long story short, 5 years later my local wife and I divorced, I lost almost everything. She got the gold mine and I got the shaft! Sold all my toys and the Ford van. Bought back my old toyota van in 1996 and managed to open my Blues Cafe in Melaka and been bouncing along ever since. Life is good now and it's time to do up the old van that has been so good to me. All the mechanics have been rebuilt over the last  3 years. Now it's time to do the Body, Paint and Interior. This time it will be a purpose built camper van!
This Blog will be about the rebuild and our travels afterwards. Road Trip!!!
I have completly gutted out the van for a fresh start. The Van has gone today to the workshop for rust removal and body work. This will take 6 weeks.


  1. Hi Mark,
    Great for sharing us your project. One question though, with the modifications, would the JPJ technical officers make it "road worthiness" to drive on the main roads?

  2. The only Mod is putting 2 box frames/cabinets that convert to a bed in the back. Passengers must sit in proper seats when moving/traveling.I have always had some sort of bed in the back for the last 27 years with this van.This is more fixed and safe. Will be finished soon and you can see the design. If I had a sofa bed in the back would be more dangerous in a roll over unless fixed.You can always go and ask and give drawings if worried. I prefere not to be insulted as I know how JPJ can be. I'm not making cabinets that block windows now as a precaution.Basicly a raised box in the back now. You know why they have road blocks right? I'm goin fishin lah!